They lied about the sun

DRAWINGS (these are long overdue, anyway):






I’m not dead, just too lazy to wait for this page to load which is why I haven’t updated this blog until now. A lot of things have happened. I went to Vietnam, got drunk on rice wine, went to Rizal, met up with a few friends, lost one, gained another, stayed awake three days straight thanks to our caffeine-infested kitchen, had my eighteenth birthday, got a slight hangover the day after which when combined with a flu really isn’t enjoyable, got a ukulele, snapped my guitar strings again, restocked our bookshelves, and am now nursing another flu which probably came with the water of our school’s swimming pool.

Weather? Freezing. As in cups-of-coffee-jackets-worn-at-home-slug-mucus freezing, and this is meant to be a tropical country. I have no idea how the ones up north are still alive. I drink too much coffee and tea but I can’t help it. I need something warm (no innuendos, please). My mouth tastes of coffee and cup noodles and it’s still not enough. I still have a slug mucus invading my nostrils.

Damn, you probably didn’t want to know about that. Sorry, I get carried away.

I can’t believe it but I kind of miss the warmth of the sun. Ironic since I complain about heat a lot. I just hate getting sick and I hate waking up in the middle of the night, dying for a piss. I’m running out of jackets to wear, too, and I keep looking at the sky, as if I’m waiting for snow to fall. Or maybe I’m waiting for the worst.

Such maudlin thinking. It’s the cold, I swear.



Weekend Drawings and Several Pictures from the Bedroom Wall and My Bag

WIP. Oil pastels on felt paper. Creating a scene in a ballroom.


Using a feather isn’t as easy as it looks. It took me some time before I found out the best way to control the ink is to tilt the feather sideways and not press too hard.

For my visper class. Monochromatic design using a repetition of 5-cent-sized circles. Must depict tonal values of one color. Chose red because everyone else is using blue or green. Look closely and you can see a butterfly. Turn it upside down and you see a shocked alien face.

An award given to me in our Christmas party during my sophomore year.




Things you find in my bag: bachelor of fine arts course guide, old issue of The Artist’s Magazine, this book called Pilgrim, my sketchpad featuring a drawings of a gentleman fox and a mother goose, and a box filled with a few things I’ve collected over the years.

A is for Alex DeLarge, B is for Batman, C is for Charlie McDonell, D is for Damon Albarn, E is for Edward Scissorhands, F is for Florence and the Machine, G is for Gaspard Ulliel, H is for Harry Potter, I is for Indiana Jones, J is for Joker, K is for Karen O, L is for Liam Gallagher, M is for McDonald’s, N is for Noel Gallagher, O is for Olivia Wilde, P is for Patrick Star, Q is for Quentin Tarantino, R is for Rhys Ifans, S if for Slater, T is for Timmy Turner, U is for Uncle Sam, V is for Voldemort, W is for Willy Wonka, X is for X-men, Y is for Yoko Ono, and Z is for Zach Galifianakis.

Posted on my bedroom wall: a drawing of Thom Yorke singing Lotus Flower, my nametag used for our restaurant project in fourth year, and two of a few letters I got from my high school friends.

A few of our books

From my Walking Dead comic book. Book four.

Fader, my guitar. My friend actually named it for me. I know, I know. It needs cleaning and a new e string.

Stuff I use for school and for my own personal use.

Course guide for the Advertising Design students

Yeah, pretty long title.










A Draft, A Doodle, and Four Random Photographs