Mad Hatter



Yes. I have a lot of time on my hands.

(Nah, this just took three hours)


Insomnia Drawings


Watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Ten minute illustrations of Edgar Allan Poe's most famous works: Annabel Lee, The Raven, and The Tell-Tale Heart

Ten minute illustrations of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous works: Annabel Lee, The Raven, and The Tell-Tale Heart

Concept for Thought and the Traveler, a short story I wrote back in high school.

Concept for Thought and the Traveler, a short story I wrote back in high school.

Had the urge to make a small comic of Donna Tartt's "The Secret History". This is the first page. Have yet to do the others.

Had the urge to make a small comic of Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History”. This is the first page. Have yet to do the others.

Speed paint of Rustin Cohle from True Detective

Speed paint of Rustin Cohle from True Detective

Speed paint of Carl from the Walking Dead

Speed paint of Carl from the Walking Dead

Jon Snow and Ghost from Game of Thrones

Jon Snow and Ghost from Game of Thrones

Prince Ivan and the Grey Wolf for a Russian friend of mine.

Prince Ivan and the Grey Wolf for a Russian friend of mine.

The Incredibles is one of my favorite Pixar movies.

The Incredibles is one of my favorite Pixar movies.


Yes, I really haven’t been sleeping well at all.

Old Drawings I Never Bothered to Post

And I still suck when it comes to titles.

I’d like to tell you about gym class because my whole body is aching and it feels like I have Spongebob’s huge thigh gap. But I don’t have photographs of our baseball practice, and that was quite embarrassing so let’s just skip that and move to what this post is really about: a junk post. As in, I’m just posting this because I have nothing to do and I’m quite bored.


IMG_2520 (1024x683)

I got addicted to ink before the start of school. There’s Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and above him is a sketchdump of The Walking Dead. The others are just my original works.IMG_2523

A tiny comic I made for my friend. The only copy of it rests in her hands. It’s a dystopian, post-modern story inspired by Orwell’s 1984.IMG_3400

Pippin, Merry, Frodo, Sam, and Gandalf from The Fellowship of the Ring using markers on watercolor paper.

I started reading the series and it’s quite nice. I’m nearly done with the first book. Pippin Took is my favorite because he’s such a brat and of course, I absolutely love Gandalf.. He’s always telling them they’re stupid, albeit subtly.IMG_3403

A charcoal study of the poster of this show.

I have also started watching Da Vinci’s Demons and this series is absolutely beautiful. It’s like a mix of my two favorite shows, BBC Sherlock and Game of Thrones. And Tom Riley is a gorgeous man who looks like Filipino actor, Richard Gomez (which is all kinds of weird but I try not to mind). It has everything: mysteries, gore-y stuff, magical realism, history, and of course, art. I am shamelessly promoting this show. It is wonderful. Watch it. If you’re a fan of BBC Sherlock watch this until September, when Season 3 begins. I’m such a geek. I should stop. But they’re so good and I rewatched Sherlock again yesterday which would be sixth (seventh?) time.  I am rambling. Stop.

Enough with that.


I have a new project coming up. My final paper for Lit class, actually, and it’s an illustrated book of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. There are two choices actually. Either that or John Green’s Paper Towns which was the original choice. But I did my best to put Neverwhere in because, while John Green is a good writer, paper Towns won’t look as good as Neverwhere once you illustrate it. But I may be biased because I absolutely adore Neil Gaiman. So I am excited. Very, very excited to get started.

The Hobbit


We were introduced to kraft paper two days ago and according to Benj, we’ll be using it for the rest of the sem until we move to canvases. Our subject for our first Outdoor Drawing class was the huge tree in the place where we usually ate. It was not easy to draw that tree. I’m alright with foreshortening but when it comes to the length of certain things, well, I tend to make things a bit too long or too short. And I overwork the shading. Also, I jacked it up with the white pencil since I went crazy adding highlights (the white pencil I used was borrowed from Benj and it was expensive so…I abused it). Sadly, I don’t have the drawing with me (it’s silently beginning to collect dust in the studio room and will only be returned at the end of the year, slightly crumpled with the edges torn)(I have no idea why some of our drawings end up in this state).

The thing about kraft paper is it makes your pencil marks reflective and it’s not absorbent so the pencil you just bought will shrink to the size of your pinky by the time you’re done. The other thing about kraft paper is it’s brown and, well it’s brown. Putting highlights is amazing which is the reason why I went crazy on that plate. I bought three of these things then I cut them up and drew portraits.

This is the first one I did is a quick sketch of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. I’m not a fan of Lord of the Rings, by the way. I have never watched a single film and I’ve only read a bit of the books (The Hobbit is the exception. I know the first paragraph by heart because I spent a summer with only that book to read. It was one miserable summer). I am a fan of Martin, though, because of BBC Sherlock which I’m very addicted to (I filled a folder of fan art for that show two weeks after I watched the first episode. I have a problem. I cannot stop drawing their faces.)

I’ll probably watch this movie, though.


Logan Lerman


After two months of drawing people in a cartoony style, I decided to draw Logan Lerman and see if I could still go back to drawing people realistically. My first try was absolutely horrid. The face was too long, the eyes were weird and his hair looked as if rats were burrowed in it. I would have given up had I not taken my friend’s advice and try to draw with a grid. I didn’t like the idea when she first told me about it. It was only when I found out that Rembrandt and other remarkable artists used grids did I accept the idea and find that it’s not cheating. Tracing is cheating. Using a grid just helps you get your proportion right (of course this drawing’s proportions still aren’t right because my grid wasn’t even. curse my inability to draw straight lines even with the aid of a ruler).

I hated this drawing at first because it still doesn’t look right. Also, my scanner has a weird line on it which is pretty irritating. But when I compared it to my other drawings, I realized that I’ve actually improved. Quite a lot.

So I guess this is a lesson of accepting advice from other artists and using new techniques. Lesson learned.

Peace out.

Semester Break

My first semester in college is nearly over. Well, actually, it’s over and all we have to do tomorrow is pass our requirements and the profs won’t give a fuck about us anymore as long as we come back after two weeks completely intact. Or maybe not.

All I have to do now is finish my essay for Communication Arts and my portfolio for Techniques and Visual Perception. I’ve already posted some of my earlier plates here. So here’s the rest:

Stylized Alphabet

Typography. Lyrics used is Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”

Plus some geeky late-night Harry Potter drawings.




Just Stuff

I haven’t updated this blog until now because of the many plates our profs bombarded us with, our intrams week, and the fact that finals are only a few weeks away. I still have to make a scrapbook about the different periods of art, finish that bust for my materials class, and that lyrics face thing for my visual perception. Also, I have to do a report ab0ut controversial art and I haven’t even done my templates for the presentation. There’s also the editorial cartoons for our school paper which my editor is waiting for. So yeah, I’m busy. I would use my free Monday to finish all these things, but I’m obligated to go to my friend’s debut. No sleeping any time.

Not that that’s new.

Drawings below…

Really messy Ely Buendia, singer of Pupil and legendary Filipino rock band Eraserheads, made with ink wash.

Tried to paint something else but ended up with this guy who looks like someone from that old show Mulawin. Only in rainbows.


The three people below are just character designs. I was prompted to make a comic by my blockmate (I’m not even sure I can do it as I know nil about proper layout). Also, it’s kind of about martial law and noli me tangere and stuff like that (got the idea after reading this post in my sister’s blog about an activist during Marcos’ time). Currently working on the first page.






Fremont, Gil, and Rhys.





More Plates

Redid my visper plate because the first one was way too dirty. I don’t remember how many shades of blue I used here. Ten or eight, maybe.

Statues. Only got an A- here because I wasn’t able to make them look like they were made of plaster.

A different set of statues drawn on pastel paper. 95/98. I think I lost three points because I used light charcoal instead of dark. Or I just drew a really bad face.

Oh school. And right after I got these two techniques plates back, I went to my blockmate’s debut and got a little drunk. It was only when I was walking around Taft, looking for my school so I could ride a bus back home did I realize I was a little intoxicated and quite lost. Fortunately, the more dominant and sober part of my brain brought me to the right direction. Lesson learned: Never drink on a Friday night and go home by yourself.

Of Simon and Doodles

I came to the last page of my sketchpad last night so instead of wasting it by making another sketch dump, I drew Simon Pegg instead.

An hour with 6B and 3B pencils. Doesn’t really look much like him. It did before my sister pointed out his right eye was wonky. Then I tried to do it again but I must have done something wrong in the process because this didn’t end up as I’d hoped it would.

It kind of pisses me off how my friends only like it when I draw model-like people, most of whom I don’t even bother drawing really well. And their reaction to Simon Pegg is just this puzzled expression and the comment “Why’d you draw him? He’s not good-looking at all.”

He looks like a regular person damnit! What, the average-looking person can’t get a drawing of his own? The next time someone asks me to draw his or her face without bringing money in the conversation or even saying a please, there’s going to be a problem. I don’t mind doing request, really. But people can be really demanding. My friends who don’t draw do not understand that a very detailed face takes more than eight hours, something I have never even tried to do.

I need coffee. I’m an elder yelling at kids to stay out of her lawn again.

It’s either that or I’ve been playing my grunge playlist for quite a while now.

This is just a portion of the two-paged drawing. I started this in my Visual Perceptions class since I was too lazy to copy the gradiation structure for our next plate. Benji didn’t mind and even complimented me on the fish with the Gallagher eyebrow (my Theo prof also placed a finger on the fish with the Gallagher eyebrow, thus concluding that my male profs have a thing for fish with Gallagher eyebrows. I continued the rest when I was riding the bus to school. Got stuck in Longos for an hour which made me late for my seven-thirty class. Again.
Have to edit that video for Euthenics.

Peace out.