Mad Hatter



Yes. I have a lot of time on my hands.

(Nah, this just took three hours)




I woke up and had the urge to draw a bear.

Hurt my wrist badly two days ago from overuse so I tried drawing again. Apparently, it doesn’t hurt as much when I’m doing traditional. Then again, my pen tablet is broken which means I really ought to replace it. It keeps falling apart in my hand.

Two weeks left until school starts. Ugh.

Semester Break

My first semester in college is nearly over. Well, actually, it’s over and all we have to do tomorrow is pass our requirements and the profs won’t give a fuck about us anymore as long as we come back after two weeks completely intact. Or maybe not.

All I have to do now is finish my essay for Communication Arts and my portfolio for Techniques and Visual Perception. I’ve already posted some of my earlier plates here. So here’s the rest:

Stylized Alphabet

Typography. Lyrics used is Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”

Plus some geeky late-night Harry Potter drawings.




More Plates

Redid my visper plate because the first one was way too dirty. I don’t remember how many shades of blue I used here. Ten or eight, maybe.

Statues. Only got an A- here because I wasn’t able to make them look like they were made of plaster.

A different set of statues drawn on pastel paper. 95/98. I think I lost three points because I used light charcoal instead of dark. Or I just drew a really bad face.

Oh school. And right after I got these two techniques plates back, I went to my blockmate’s debut and got a little drunk. It was only when I was walking around Taft, looking for my school so I could ride a bus back home did I realize I was a little intoxicated and quite lost. Fortunately, the more dominant and sober part of my brain brought me to the right direction. Lesson learned: Never drink on a Friday night and go home by yourself.

Of Simon and Doodles

I came to the last page of my sketchpad last night so instead of wasting it by making another sketch dump, I drew Simon Pegg instead.

An hour with 6B and 3B pencils. Doesn’t really look much like him. It did before my sister pointed out his right eye was wonky. Then I tried to do it again but I must have done something wrong in the process because this didn’t end up as I’d hoped it would.

It kind of pisses me off how my friends only like it when I draw model-like people, most of whom I don’t even bother drawing really well. And their reaction to Simon Pegg is just this puzzled expression and the comment “Why’d you draw him? He’s not good-looking at all.”

He looks like a regular person damnit! What, the average-looking person can’t get a drawing of his own? The next time someone asks me to draw his or her face without bringing money in the conversation or even saying a please, there’s going to be a problem. I don’t mind doing request, really. But people can be really demanding. My friends who don’t draw do not understand that a very detailed face takes more than eight hours, something I have never even tried to do.

I need coffee. I’m an elder yelling at kids to stay out of her lawn again.

It’s either that or I’ve been playing my grunge playlist for quite a while now.

This is just a portion of the two-paged drawing. I started this in my Visual Perceptions class since I was too lazy to copy the gradiation structure for our next plate. Benji didn’t mind and even complimented me on the fish with the Gallagher eyebrow (my Theo prof also placed a finger on the fish with the Gallagher eyebrow, thus concluding that my male profs have a thing for fish with Gallagher eyebrows. I continued the rest when I was riding the bus to school. Got stuck in Longos for an hour which made me late for my seven-thirty class. Again.
Have to edit that video for Euthenics.

Peace out.

Ink and Water

I’ve been experimenting with mediums since it’s Filipino Week (and I wish I could write this in Tagalog to honor it but I am ashamedly not very good when it comes to writing in my own language, so Jose Rizal shoot me now). This is what my eldest sister usually did before she switched to watercolor. I didn’t think the pen I use for Techniques would go great with water so I never tried drawing this way, until one of my friends accidentally spit on it. Well, not really spit. She tends to spray when she’s excited to…well, you get the picture.

With that one drop of saliva, and the inspiration I got after seeing Edward Gorey’s out-of-this-world macabre artwork, I was able to make these:

The Coffee Monster
Inspired by our coffee maker suddenly breaking down and my own pathetic attempt to keep the caffeine in my system by constantly thinking of it in my bloodstream. Didn’t work and our coffee maker is still broken so my life is very miserable at the moment. But it looks like it complements a children’s story, doesn’t it? That’s my dream job, I think. To be a storybook illustrator.

Block the Rest of the World

I don’t have headphones either. My life is sad. So so sad. (Notice how I’ve been obsessed with patterns lately. It’s that latest plate for Visual Perceptions, the stag art deco, that’s gotten to me.)


I tried making another one a while ago but the pen my sister bought for me is different from the one I used to make these two. The ink doesn’t blot as much which means I can switch to watercolor if I’m going to use it. But I ruined a good drawing trying to do the same before I discovered that the ink didn’t match well with water. Damn.

If you don’t know Edward Gorey, go check out his works. They’re so amazing your head will explode (kidding). My sisters and I discovered him when we bought this children’s book in Book Sale.

See how much you’ll learn when you spend all of your money on books? My logic.

Michael Fassbender


Practiced shading using Michael Fassbender’s face. Done under one our using…hmmm, not really sure what kind of paper this is. It’s also very dirty as I’ve filled up all of my sketchpads. This paper is actually a page of my Art History journal so if I forget and pass this on Friday, my prof will come face to face with Michael F. Oh well, I used 6B, 2B, and HB pencils and a kneaded eraser. His name (and something else) has become a household joke. I do love him. He’s got such a manly face and beautiful eyes. But if you have watched his movie Shame…well, you’ll know why we make such lewd jokes about him.

Techniques Class


Title: Basic Shapes and Form   Pencils: 8B, 4B, 2B       Paper: Vellum Cartolina


Title: Tea Party     Pencils: 6B, 3B       Paper: Vellum Cartolina



Two plates I did for Techniques, my best and favorite class. It’s a little boring since all we do is still life but it’s okay because our prof, Benji, a man in his late sixties who is a little bit of a hippie plays the coolest music while we draw. Bob Dylan mostly, but when he’s in a really good mood, he’ll play this weird African music that my blockmates hate. Oh, and he smells like bubbles so we call him Benjamin Bubbles. You’d think he’d get mad, but he’s okay with all the jokes. Sometimes my blockmates make really lewd jokes in class and he’ll just smile and turn up the volume of his old radio. He’s so weird.

Category One: The Animal

While, I’m not the kind of person who usually goes to wild parties, I’ve been to a few gigs that have gotten a bit way out of hand. I’ve seen a few of my classmates get drunk, grind their bodies into each other while Jay-Z blasted on the stereo, and play sloppy spin the bottle games. These little parties began the week of preparation for the school’s intramural, and also two weeks before our high school graduation. I was the Animal for the first hour, then the Observer when things got messy. It’s more fun to watch your friends act ridiculous than participate in the madness that you’ll regret upon waking up and seeing the pictures posted on your Facebook wall (a hard lesson that I learned when I saw my prom pictures).


The most known party peep is the Animal. The Animal is the life of the party. He is out of his safe zone and will do anything to keep the crowd entertained. For example, he will dance naked on tabletops and spill beer onto his chest. Everyone will dance with The Animal even if he isn’t that good-looking. The Animal usually wears household objects on him, the most famous being the lampshade. The Animal never loses energy. He will always be the last to collapse and also the last to wake up with a major hangover. While being the Animal increases your popularity, you will inevitably regret the things you’ve done. The Animal usually does not remember the wild things he did at the party so be careful and try to remind him of the fun he caused. Hopefully, he’ll fulfill that role again at the next party.