IMG_9962 IMG_9904 IMG_9890 IMG_9885 IMG_9843 IMG_9834 IMG_9813 IMG_9765 IMG_9739 IMG_9718 IMG_0367 IMG_0366 IMG_0361 IMG_0341 IMG_0327 IMG_0318 IMG_0311 IMG_0247 IMG_0239 IMG_0238 IMG_0169 IMG_0165 IMG_0154 IMG_0150 IMG_0144 IMG_0130 IMG_0048 IMG_0033 IMG_0029 IMG_0004

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)

it’s always ourselves we find in the sea”

-E.E. Cummings


I can barely remember the details of my first Ilocos trip, mostly because my memory is selective. I hadn’t enjoyed it much the first time, possibly because of the presence of too many strict teachers and unlikable classmates. Or maybe it’s because I never did enjoy high school. I was always that kid who teachers never seemed to be able to decide if I blended in the background or had a rebellious mind. In high school, I seldom got intro trouble because of this. As soon as I did a bad thing, people would instantly forget about it or think that I couldn’t have done it because of my older sisters’ reputations. It made things a bit boring to be honest. How can you even have fun breaking the rules if no one even notices?

I didn’t break any rules during our trip. No one really cared about what we did as long as we didn’t hurt ourselves. But I enjoyed my latest visit to that place. Annoying tour guides, bus delays, and classmates succumbing to food poisoning (?) aside, I’d loved it. I loved the ocean, the briny scent of the air and even the way sand clung to the insides of my shoes. It wasn’t like Halong Bay. The Philippines has more beautiful beaches and is richer in natural resources so it pains me to think on how locals don’t take time to travel within the country. But then, you can’t exactly blame them. A trip to Hongkong costs as much as a trip to Davao. I would choose Hongkong, given the chance.

But this…I hadn’t expected this. I would travel with them again–Kelsey, Anya, Khams, Jaz, and the rest. I’m not going to be dramatic and say I’d like to explore the world, but if want to travel again, it will be funner with those guys. Without the hospitals of course.



Intrams 2013

I’ve never been good at sports. Unless you count mind games, then I’m definitely not the kind of person who appreciates running around, sweating like a pig in a Jane Fonda get-up at five in the morning. I’m not even awake at five in the morning. I would happily avoid exercise, only it’s healthy and it stops me from getting fat. And while I’m not someone who really gives a damn about weight, I also don’t want to end up as a mass of flesh constantly inhaling cheeseburgers and doughnuts.

Still doesn’t mean I was eager to hear about the school’s yearly intramurals.

Let’s face it: I’ll never be good at any sport that involves moving about. I enjoy watching and taking pictures of people playing. In fact, taking pictures is all I did during the three-day intramurals. Well, that and watching The It Crowd during breaks between games.










Tubes of paint used by Jaz to make her group’s project.

Can also act as an advertisement for Lyra.




They were working on this.

I don’t know what it is exactly but it’s for Art History.


Let us pretend this angle is artistic.




IMG_6483 IMG_6498 IMG_6529 IMG_6554 IMG_6603 IMG_6608 IMG_6622

Pampanga Photography Class

Our photography class was held in San Fernando, Pampanga. We were given a list of things to take pictures of (dominance, lines, geometric shapes, etc.). Some of these I consider photography, some are just pictures. Feel free to judge.


An oil painting found in San Guillermo Chruch.

San Guillermo is the half-buried church, the one that was greatly affected by the Mt. Pinatubo explosion.

What we thought was the first floor was actually the second and the original windows had been transformed into doors.IMG_3534 IMG_3544 IMG_3551 IMG_3563 IMG_3566

San Guillermo’s ceiling. The rafters are left exposed.IMG_3567IMG_3574 IMG_3576

The front door/window of San GuillermoIMG_3578

The outside of San Guillermo. It was raining quite hard so this was all I could take.IMG_3583 IMG_3590 IMG_3604 IMG_3607 IMG_3612

Santo makingIMG_3614 IMG_3617 IMG_3619 IMG_3626 IMG_3629 IMG_3637 IMG_3648 IMG_3651 IMG_3670 IMG_3673 IMG_3692 IMG_3716 IMG_3719

Visual trespassing. The chicken didn’t like it.IMG_3726 IMG_3728 IMG_3736

This isn’t the best photo but it’s my favorite since I was the only one who noticed this.

Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t good enough to get a closer shot.IMG_3739 IMG_3745 IMG_3767 IMG_3770

Holy Angels University, Angeles City, PampangaIMG_3774 IMG_3778

This wreath is made out of real goldIMG_3784

The death mask of Fernando Po Jr.IMG_3785

The death mask of Benigno Aquino Jr.

Compared with FPJ’s, this funeral mask is messier as Benigno’s mother requested his body be left uncleaned.

You can see the exit point of the bullet in the mask.IMG_3811

The tip of a cannon.IMG_3818 IMG_3823 IMG_3832

Vicente Manansala, a National ArtistIMG_3843 IMG_3852

Inside the Culinary MuseumIMG_3857 IMG_3865

The standard Kapampangan meriendaIMG_3867

Frogs are considered a Kampangan delicacy. IMG_3878

My blockmate Jonathan butchers a frogIMG_3889 IMG_3892 IMG_3896

TextureIMG_3899 IMG_3916 IMG_3925 IMG_3935 IMG_3964



Our photography classes with Sir Jokay (Joseph Kayaban) are held on Tuesday afternoons. Now, I like Sir Jokay–I do, I swear. He’s a funny old man and may be even weirder than our prof in Figure Drawing, Sir Benj. But Photography wasn’t very interesting until a few hours ago, when we were finally, finally, allowed to go outside and take pictures of random things and random people (and the back of Sir Jokay’s shiny bald head).

I’m not very good when it comes to Photography. The camera I used belongs to the whole family but my older sister’s the one who uses it a lot. And by a lot, I mean, she’s become a bit possessive of it and since I’m (ehem) careless when it comes to handling expensive things, you can imagine the hissy reaction I get whenever I tell her I want to use it.

Sir Jokay took us to Baywalk where he let us roam around and experiment with our cameras. It was fun–high school party fun, even. Though I suppose that had more to do with the rain than with taking pictures. I have no idea why we become hyper when it rains. It’s like we’re Gremlins.


Chains preventing us from jumping into the scummy water.IMG_3237

There were a lot of boats there but not one person was on board.IMG_3261

A picture of the restaurant above.IMG_3267

The view from the restaurant’s veranda.IMG_3281

A dusty disco ball discovered over our heads.IMG_3284

Classmates taking pictures.IMG_3288

Another closed restaurant. Or bar. I think it’s a bar.IMG_3292

Sir Jokay said to take pictures of shapes. Here, a circle. Sort of.IMG_3297

Tried to pick this lock. My skills, however, failed.IMG_3305

Friends played stripper on this post. The poor thing has seen so much.IMG_3318

My attempt at establishing equal halves.IMG_3320

This plane is going somewhere. Hopefully, they’ll arrive safely. The clouds don’t look happy.IMG_3323

Some buildings.IMG_3330

Four of my classmates checking out floating garbage.IMG_3343


Fisherman in Blue shows us the beauty of a dying fish.IMG_3346

A fish who chewed more than he could.IMG_3349

Fisherman in Blue’s catch of the day.IMG_3355

Fisherman Assistant prepares the bait.IMG_3387

The back of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.IMG_3397

The sun finally peeking from behind the clouds after an hour of light rain.