Just Stuff

I haven’t updated this blog until now because of the many plates our profs bombarded us with, our intrams week, and the fact that finals are only a few weeks away. I still have to make a scrapbook about the different periods of art, finish that bust for my materials class, and that lyrics face thing for my visual perception. Also, I have to do a report ab0ut controversial art and I haven’t even done my templates for the presentation. There’s also the editorial cartoons for our school paper which my editor is waiting for. So yeah, I’m busy. I would use my free Monday to finish all these things, but I’m obligated to go to my friend’s debut. No sleeping any time.

Not that that’s new.

Drawings below…

Really messy Ely Buendia, singer of Pupil and legendary Filipino rock band Eraserheads, made with ink wash.

Tried to paint something else but ended up with this guy who looks like someone from that old show Mulawin. Only in rainbows.


The three people below are just character designs. I was prompted to make a comic by my blockmate (I’m not even sure I can do it as I know nil about proper layout). Also, it’s kind of about martial law and noli me tangere and stuff like that (got the idea after reading this post in my sister’s blog about an activist during Marcos’ time). Currently working on the first page.






Fremont, Gil, and Rhys.