I once knew a guy who told me victims of child abuse reminded him of bonsai trees.

(Don’t know why it looks incredibly messy here, but oh well, at least it turned out alright. Vine charcoals are annoyingly hard to keep in one place.)


Old Drawings I Never Bothered to Post

And I still suck when it comes to titles.

I’d like to tell you about gym class because my whole body is aching and it feels like I have Spongebob’s huge thigh gap. But I don’t have photographs of our baseball practice, and that was quite embarrassing so let’s just skip that and move to what this post is really about: a junk post. As in, I’m just posting this because I have nothing to do and I’m quite bored.


IMG_2520 (1024x683)

I got addicted to ink before the start of school. There’s Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and above him is a sketchdump of The Walking Dead. The others are just my original works.IMG_2523

A tiny comic I made for my friend. The only copy of it rests in her hands. It’s a dystopian, post-modern story inspired by Orwell’s 1984.IMG_3400

Pippin, Merry, Frodo, Sam, and Gandalf from The Fellowship of the Ring using markers on watercolor paper.

I started reading the series and it’s quite nice. I’m nearly done with the first book. Pippin Took is my favorite because he’s such a brat and of course, I absolutely love Gandalf.. He’s always telling them they’re stupid, albeit subtly.IMG_3403

A charcoal study of the poster of this show.

I have also started watching Da Vinci’s Demons and this series is absolutely beautiful. It’s like a mix of my two favorite shows, BBC Sherlock and Game of Thrones. And Tom Riley is a gorgeous man who looks like Filipino actor, Richard Gomez (which is all kinds of weird but I try not to mind). It has everything: mysteries, gore-y stuff, magical realism, history, and of course, art. I am shamelessly promoting this show. It is wonderful. Watch it. If you’re a fan of BBC Sherlock watch this until September, when Season 3 begins. I’m such a geek. I should stop. But they’re so good and I rewatched Sherlock again yesterday which would be sixth (seventh?) time.  I am rambling. Stop.

Enough with that.


I have a new project coming up. My final paper for Lit class, actually, and it’s an illustrated book of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. There are two choices actually. Either that or John Green’s Paper Towns which was the original choice. But I did my best to put Neverwhere in because, while John Green is a good writer, paper Towns won’t look as good as Neverwhere once you illustrate it. But I may be biased because I absolutely adore Neil Gaiman. So I am excited. Very, very excited to get started.

Semester Break

My first semester in college is nearly over. Well, actually, it’s over and all we have to do tomorrow is pass our requirements and the profs won’t give a fuck about us anymore as long as we come back after two weeks completely intact. Or maybe not.

All I have to do now is finish my essay for Communication Arts and my portfolio for Techniques and Visual Perception. I’ve already posted some of my earlier plates here. So here’s the rest:

Stylized Alphabet

Typography. Lyrics used is Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”

Plus some geeky late-night Harry Potter drawings.




Scraps and Hands

I haven’t uploaded in a while because of schoolwork. Even though my finals aren’t done yet (I still have Theo on Wednesday and Communication Arts on Tuesday) I feel like I’m finished because the worst is over. The worst being the controversial art report and scrapbook for Art History. My blockmates had a drinking spree after we submitted that damn scrapbook but I went home and slept. I slept for eight hours straight, woke up to eat, then slept for another four more.

I messed it up. They kept making me laugh.

Our second to the last plate in Techniques. Did it again because I thought we shouldn’t include the white cloth. Imagine my reaction when I realized I was doing it right.


This was done two years ago. Didn’t finish it because I realized that I scaled Harry badly and he ended up looking retarded. I wasted my colored pencils.

I don’t know. I was just doodling with my oil pastels while waiting for Benj to set up the stuff for our plate. I ended up with this guy with creepy eyes. So I call it Addiction.

Crowley from Good Omens by Neil Gaiman

Aziraphale from Good Omens by Neil Gaiman

I found this book in our library which featured hands in different positions referenced from the 1930’s. Can’t remember the title. If they didn’t have such tight security, that book would probably be in my hands right now. But the nuns…

Hitler and Stalin with gorgeous hairstyles. And one very angry T-rex.







Two Unfinished Pages

I told myself I would work on my scrapbook or my report today. My brain didn’t agree. It wanted to do the prologue of this comic I’m making for fun and my accursed hands followed it willingly until I was left with a few unfinished pages and no development to my schoolwork. My brain is mean to me today. I am currently playing for the days to go by faster because I really want to take a break and do things in my own time.


Page whatever featuring Gil and his super strict grandmother.

Another unfinished page whatever. They’re in a train as you can see and there’s Frem’s face in that little box there.


That thing I should be working on. I still need to find a description for Abstraction, Academism, Installation Art, Shock Art, and Digital Art and feature one artwork for each.

List of things I need to research about. What is Academism?

And while I was cleaning my backpack awhile ago (tedious and rather disgusting work where I discover how much of a slob I am), I found this.

Art exhibit invite from Benji that he gave to us weeks ago. Found it again in my Theo book. The Torrado-Cabrera one is my prof. His work is the brown one at the upper left which is an etching on wood, I think.







More Plates

Redid my visper plate because the first one was way too dirty. I don’t remember how many shades of blue I used here. Ten or eight, maybe.

Statues. Only got an A- here because I wasn’t able to make them look like they were made of plaster.

A different set of statues drawn on pastel paper. 95/98. I think I lost three points because I used light charcoal instead of dark. Or I just drew a really bad face.

Oh school. And right after I got these two techniques plates back, I went to my blockmate’s debut and got a little drunk. It was only when I was walking around Taft, looking for my school so I could ride a bus back home did I realize I was a little intoxicated and quite lost. Fortunately, the more dominant and sober part of my brain brought me to the right direction. Lesson learned: Never drink on a Friday night and go home by yourself.

Of Simon and Doodles

I came to the last page of my sketchpad last night so instead of wasting it by making another sketch dump, I drew Simon Pegg instead.

An hour with 6B and 3B pencils. Doesn’t really look much like him. It did before my sister pointed out his right eye was wonky. Then I tried to do it again but I must have done something wrong in the process because this didn’t end up as I’d hoped it would.

It kind of pisses me off how my friends only like it when I draw model-like people, most of whom I don’t even bother drawing really well. And their reaction to Simon Pegg is just this puzzled expression and the comment “Why’d you draw him? He’s not good-looking at all.”

He looks like a regular person damnit! What, the average-looking person can’t get a drawing of his own? The next time someone asks me to draw his or her face without bringing money in the conversation or even saying a please, there’s going to be a problem. I don’t mind doing request, really. But people can be really demanding. My friends who don’t draw do not understand that a very detailed face takes more than eight hours, something I have never even tried to do.

I need coffee. I’m an elder yelling at kids to stay out of her lawn again.

It’s either that or I’ve been playing my grunge playlist for quite a while now.

This is just a portion of the two-paged drawing. I started this in my Visual Perceptions class since I was too lazy to copy the gradiation structure for our next plate. Benji didn’t mind and even complimented me on the fish with the Gallagher eyebrow (my Theo prof also placed a finger on the fish with the Gallagher eyebrow, thus concluding that my male profs have a thing for fish with Gallagher eyebrows. I continued the rest when I was riding the bus to school. Got stuck in Longos for an hour which made me late for my seven-thirty class. Again.
Have to edit that video for Euthenics.

Peace out.

An Education

For my more controversial peers. I seldom draw nudes but when I was reviewing for my Art History midterms, I remembered some of my classmates’ reaction to Judy Chicago’s, “The Dinner Party” and how they cringed when they realized what the installation was about. I also noticed how shocked they were when they learned that we would have to draw nude models in our second sem of our sophomore year. I guess they have yet to understand that a naked body isn’t always something malicious.

Bane or Joker?

I watched “The Dark Knight Rises” last week (Sunday to be exact) with my sisters. We only watched the first of the trilogy before that and the second after. While both “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” are good, I like Joker better as a villain. He’s much smarter and very manipulative and so insane I doubt there’s any bit of good in there. Joker doesn’t seem capable of loving anyone or anything other than himself while Bane still has a soft side for Miranda Tate.

It’s a shame what happened to Heath because it would have been good if they’d continued the Joker character and collaborated him with Bane like Scarecrow. Things would have been more challenging for Batman with the continuation of Joker’s twisted plans. They should have just made Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Joker. He looks like him even though he lacks in the height department and the body build. But they were able to replace Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal for the role of Rachel and these girls don’t look a bit alike.

I’ll do the rest, I think. These two are part of a little project I’m doing. My fictional villains collection.

Michael Fassbender


Practiced shading using Michael Fassbender’s face. Done under one our using…hmmm, not really sure what kind of paper this is. It’s also very dirty as I’ve filled up all of my sketchpads. This paper is actually a page of my Art History journal so if I forget and pass this on Friday, my prof will come face to face with Michael F. Oh well, I used 6B, 2B, and HB pencils and a kneaded eraser. His name (and something else) has become a household joke. I do love him. He’s got such a manly face and beautiful eyes. But if you have watched his movie Shame…well, you’ll know why we make such lewd jokes about him.